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Exploration into what comprises contemporary news.


Exploration into what comprises contemporary news.

50 Best Producers of All Time

Interactive + design 

The greatest producers behind the scenes.
Read the article here.

Study shows phobias might be genetic.


Study shows phobias might be genetic.

Editorial Illustrations

Photo illustrations done for the editorial team at The Daily Beast.

Better Mobile Experiences

A School Shooting Every 2 Weeks Interactive

Created with Dair Massey and under the direction of Bronson Stamp.

View it here.

The Presentation of Tragedy in Design

When a tragic event occurs, a call to action will be effective initially, but there also must be more lasting forms of communication. By engaging with both the cultures of the victims and the audience, the designer can create a more meaningful connection. Designers have the opportunity to bring a richness and new outlook to the event through expressive interpretation, unexpected juxtapositions, and metaphor.

This iPad digital publication transforms the presentation of media within tragedy into something more engaging, where an emotional response arises from the context, and not the aesthetic alone. It acts as the visual translation by revealing a fresh point of view to target an audience distinctly. 

Typhoon Haiyan Infographic

Researched + illustrated

View it here.

Data Visualization:
Half-a-Million War Related Deaths

Charts created for a piece from The Hero Project. Read the full article here.

Karl Lagerfeld Interactive

Interactive created for Fashion Beast.
View it here.
Created in Illustrator & Adobe Edge Animate.

Creer Es: Join Our Conversation

A completely non-partisan and student-run campaign, Creer Es is Spanish for “to believe is.” We aim to encourage and empower citizens by talking about beliefs, community, family and how they relate to voting. 

I chose a handcrafted aesthetic for the Creer Es logomark, reminiscent of the visual language of Hispanic signage. This friendly and approachable type treatment evokes a sense of nostalgia and engenders an emotional connection between our intended audience and the Creer Es brand.

Designed for the Corcoran College of Art & Design, in Junior Studio 2012.

Senior Thesis Exhibition

Image is a powerful tool for emotional engagement. Paired with the appropriate context, the impact becomes even stronger. 

 In the wake of a tragedy, a community can be brought together over a familiar image. After the initial documentation of a catastrophe, designers can interpret those initial images as the community prepares for recovery.

 By engaging with both the victims and the audience, the designer can create a meaningful connection.  

 Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Exhibition includes take-away to encourage participation. 

Thesis publication is in progress.   

NEXT 2012

Worked on the website development for NEXT 2012. Worked on project from wireframe-completion. The site carried the concept of “interweaving connections”. The infinite scroll and background image allow for the user to follow a path and create new paths. The user becomes immersed in a community and network.

The Corcoran Gallery of Art and College of Art + Design presents NEXT at the Corcoran, a dynamic, interactive, and innovative present-ation of work by the graduating students of the Corcoran College of Art + Design. NEXT includes both an exhibition of the thesis work of the Bachelor of Fine Arts class of 2012 and a showcase of the Masters of Arts degree programs at the Corcoran

Kate Middleton Paper Dolls

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is known to recycle her outfits. Since the 2012 Olympic games have made their home in London, the illustrations are predictions of what she would wear to each major event. Cut’ em out, share, mix & match,  and re-dress her in what you’d like to see her wear!

Made during my internship with StyleOwner.

Branding & Logos