SoundCloud Go Checkout


SoundCloud Go Checkout

UI/UX, Content strategy

I created the checkout flow for SoundCloud users looking to try/buy or upgrade/downgrade between subscription plans on SoundCloud. A checkout flow existed already for our high-tier $12.00 SoundCloud Go+ subscription offering, but needed to be redesigned to accommodate our new mid-tier $5.99 subscription service, SoundCloud Go.


Previous design

Web checkout form updates


Personalized Scenarios & Changing Plans

Content in the checkout and confirmation pages was catered to the user's account status and subscription model they were buying. 

Web checkout and confirmation flow

Change or cancel plan flow



I redesigned the confirmation pages to be consistent with our new SoundCloud Go+ design language and reinforce our value props. The mobile version was redesigned to decrease painpoints and help listeners get to their music faster. The mobile web version was also used for android checkout, while the standard iOS app store subscription checkout was used for the iOS app.

Previous confirmation page design

Web confirmation page

Mobile web confirmation flow


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