Free Return Shipping


Free Return Shipping Experience


Free Return Shipping (FRS) is a benefit that allows users to request up to $30 for shipping refunds. I worked on a refresh of the "Submit a claim" process, from a user discovering the benefit, to a user making a claim and receiving their refund.


User Journey: Making a Claim

I identified the main pain-points in content, labeling, discovery of the feature, and checking status of a claim.


E2E Free Return Shipping Audit: Making a Claim

After auditing the full experience for submitting a claim in FRS, I developed this flow to map out the user's journey to their refund. PayPal works with a third party vendor, Telus, to process these claims, adding additional levels of complexity.

Snippet of complex Audit & Recommendations

Here's just a portion of the audit, which spanned dozens of pages.


MVP Design Recommendation

For MVP, FRS needed a number of small fixes throughout the experience, to address clarity, re-circulation, managing claims, visual consistency, etc. Phase 2 will see a more fundamental refresh of the FRS experience to better incorporate solutions to these pain-points.


Refresh Recommendation

My recommendations include adding another entry point and combining "View all Claims" page & "View all transaction specific claims" by separating claims from a single transaction.

"View all FRS claims" PAGE WIRES

FRS context, filters, labeling, amount claimed, and claim details will all be accessible on this page.


Next Steps

A page is recommended to be added to help the user identify recent transactions that they would like to make a claim for. Visual designs would also be aligned with the PayPal redesign upon launch. FRS design and content will need to be accommodated to span to 50 countries.


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