Pay After Delivery


Pay After Delivery


Pay After Delivery (PAD) gives users peace-of-mind when shopping online. With this benefit they're able to try out online orders for two weeks while PayPal covers the cost of purchase and delivery. I worked with the product team to refresh the PAD product experience by addressing Enrollment and Activation. The overarching issue to address was that PayPal didn't clearly communicate what this feature is, how it works, or how it is beneficial to the user—making on-boarding and activating PAD unclear and frustrating for the user.




E2E Audit: Current Activate Flow

I started by auditing and evaluating the current live activation experience, flagging pain-points and potential opportunities.


Design Solve (US)

An opportunity I identified during the audit: The Enrollment/Activation flow needed to be revised to (1) simplify the overall activation flow for the user, and (2) clearly communicate what PAD is and what steps need to be taken to enroll. Another version will need to reflect the UK market's needs.


Recommended Flow

This enrollment screen works by seamlessly taking a user through the complex Activation flow. Based on the user's bank status, they will be shown a catered enrollment screen that directs them through the appropriate route of the flow.


Final Design

After numerous exploratory iterations and tweaks to content design, we arrived at this final design.

MANAGING Pay After Delivery From Account "Wallet"


When a user changes their default payment method to a credit/debit card, PAD is automatically turned off, because the feature currently isn't supported for other funding instruments.


MVP Flow & Design

For MVP, PAD enrollment and new wallet screens are integrated into our current experience. Phase 2 will include a redesigned "Add a bank" flow.


Design Solve (UK)

The UK PAD flow requires users take an additional step called "Direct Debit Instruction" to link their bank. Since this extends the user flow—creating more opportunities for drop-off—we built a tracker to guide users through the more complex process.


Testing & Next Steps

  • Does including "no fees" messaging in the Wallet content increase the click rate?
  • Add and test placement of logos for merchants that use PAD. Study how this affects engagement.
  • How will changes to PAD checkout display affect this activation flow?
  • Did the refresh result in increased comprehension for this product?
  • How might we use content on the success page to encourage users to use PAD? What content generates the highest click rate? What content most often results in use of PAD?

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